Document Layout Requirements

Layouts are defined by the document size, margin size, bleeds, and the print safe areas within a file.


Artboards are custom pages created within a design file.  Please be sure that the artboards have at least a bleed of 1/8" (.125") outside, and a safe area for text at 1/8" (.125") inside the artboard.


Orientation is the direction in which a document has been formatted.  This could be portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) depending on the designer's specifications.

Color Profiles

Please make sure that the document is set to the correct color profile.  For printing, have the document formatted to CMYK.  If you need assistance, please contact us.

File Requirements

When submitting the files to our design department, please include the version of the program that it was designed with for compatibility. We accept design files that were generated using Adobe Creative Cloud such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign. Please see our tips below:

JPG & PNG Files

JPG or JPEG: Originally generated @300dpi or higher, 1080px in Length or Width, 32MB or less in file size.

PNG: Originally generated @300dpi or higher, 1080px in length or width, 32MB or less in file size. Include background transparency.

Adobe Design Files

We accept Adobe design files created in Illustrator (.AI, .EPS, .SVG, .PDF), InDesign (.INDD) and Photoshop (.PSD). Please be sure that linked images are embedded, and layers are not flattened or rasterized.

Font Files

These files contain font information to duplicate the fonts necessary for your branding or design file. These files usually have a file type of OTF (Open-Type Font) or TTF (True-Type Font).

Color Codes

For printing, please be sure that the files are formatted for CMYK rather than RGB or sRGB. Including CMYK color codes for each color will allow us to quickly match your colors accurately.

PDF Files

PDF files must be formatted and generated to contain the original layers and NOT password protected or watermarked if being used as a source file for artwork.

Template Files

If you are using one of our templates for print materials, please be sure that you keep all text inside the safe area and follow the included instructions.

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