When submitting the file, include the name and version number of the program used to create the artwork (ex: Adobe Creative Suite 6, or Quark Xpress 5.0). Include the file name, finished size, and page count including cover. All of these are basic checks our prepress department will use to make sure we are working with the correct file. Having this information upfront saves time by answering the most basic questions.


Include all the fonts that are used in the piece. Thompson will not be able to see or use your selected fonts if they are not included in the file. Most desktop publishing programs have an option to include or embed fonts when you create a PDF of your file; this is our preferred file format. In some graphics programs, text can be converted to outlines or curves. Doing so ensures that your text remains intact even if we don’t have your font on file. Text is no longer editable once this is done, so make sure you’ve checked your spelling.